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Publications 2

Rules of the Hunt: 232 pages. ISBN eBook 978-1-904224-54-9

   The Rules of the Hunt are simple -- you live or you die. The trouble is that nobody told Pete and his friends that.

   A group of modern-day schoolboys is thrown back through a time portal to the brutal days of Braveheart's Scotland where they become the quarry in the Lord of the Island's ritual hunt to the death.

   This action-packed, spring-paced thriller is played out against a fascinating and perfectly researched historical backdrop that -- like the time shift itself -- becomes utterly and frighteningly real.

   Pete and his pals hardly know who is friend and who is foe as they struggle their way this strange and threatening medieval world of castles and torture chambers ... literally running for their lives at every turn...


Return from the Hunt: 228 pages. ISBN ebook 978-1-904224-51-8

   Pete, Davey, and Mike are back in modern Scotland after a frightening but exhilarating year out of time in the thirteenth century. The survival skills they fought so hard to to acquire in the distant past are as inappropriate for them in the present, as hand-to-hand battle tactics are for soldiers returning to civil life. Mike's father a retired Special Forces major, at first tries to deprogram the boys, but Pete begins to feel that his destiny is tied to the past and that he, at least, must go back.

   Pete has the added complication of being the subject of a custody battle between his parents who are in the process of divorce. His father's sister is constantly in a state of war with Pete, thinking he should still be the innocent little boy he was a year ago when the group vanished from the island to be thrown back in time to the brutal days of Braveheart.

   The decision to go back or to stay seems to be Pete's. But can he go back? Does he really have a choice? If he does go back, should he go alone or should the others go with him?


Masters of the Hunt: ISBN eBook 978-1-904492-30-6

   Now fully trained for grim medieval warfare and in their mid-teens, the small band of once-reluctant time travellers take history into their own hands and journey back to 13th Century Scotland where age-old friends -- and bitter enemies -- are waiting.

   In their desperate attempt to save the dukedom of the young nobleman they have taken under their wings the time-shifting Lords of Mobius recruit a squad of turncoat mercenaries to their cause ... and a teenaged William Wallace, unsuspectingly destined for battle, glory, torture and excruciating execution.