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Publications 1

The Time Drum: 162 pages. ISBN eBook 978-1-904492-59-7

   Whilst on vacation in his family home country of Scotland, Kevin strays into a mysterious room at the back of a dusty antique shop where he discovers an antique hand drum. When he beats the battered old instrument, the teenager is magically transported back in time, where he finds himself marooned in an era of inhuman cruelty his school history books had never come near to describing -- brutal days when a nobleman's word was law and human life hung by a thread ... to be cut on a whim..

   With only his drum and a donkey for company, he sets out to dodge death and torture until he is made the slave of an arrogant young aristocrat -- only to find a boy he must save from murder at the hands of hired cut-throats.

   Illustrated by French artist Angela Boni.


Grandfather and The Ghost: 250 pages.  ISBN eBook 978-1-904224-63-1

   Is the nightmare grandfather even more evil than everyone ever imagined? Itís up to a secret investigation squad of schoolboy detectives to unearth the chilling truth.

   A group of newcomers to a boysí boarding school discover an unearthly new friend in their haunted dormitory. The boys need help -- but so does the friendly phantom searching for the answer to a dark secret from the grave.

   Two gripping novellas which explode the myth that learning is merely a classroom experience.

   The vitally real heroes in these stories share one special quality -- a burning desire to uncover the truth ... at all costs.


Ring of Stone: 426 pages. ISBN eBook 978-1-904224-60-0

A finalist for the 2003 EPPIE Award in the category Action/Adventure.

   Two groups of teenagers -- one, middle class students struggling for social justice, the other, bar room toughs out for a brawl to right their own perceived wrongs -- are thrust through a twist in the loop of time to the violent days of medieval England. Trapped in the dark era where human life is cheaper than bread and horrific torture is a popular entertainment, they find they must join forces or die.

   Dogged by death every step of the way, each finds that experience in modern life has provided a skill that might -- just might -- save the band from excruciating fate. As well as their own struggle for survival, the youngsters find themselves in a moral dilemma -- how to save their own skins whilst also fighting against the inhuman brutality and injustice suffered by new friends in a time where they donít belong.