Volunteer Testimonials

On Attending Pantheon 2011

Student Parvir Aujla:
“When I attended the BayBio Pantheon Awards, I saw myself somewhere in that room in the near future. I saw what I was studying in a class room being applied to real life problems.”

Teacher Katie Ward:
“This was an opportunity for students to glimpse the future; a chance to experience what the corporate atmosphere is like and to recognize what is meant by “soft skills” (networking, business communication skills such power listening, etc…) and understand their importance.”

Student CJ Wong:
The Pantheon awards gave me a peak at the vast world of the biotechnology industry.
The Pantheon awards allowed me to meet valuable contacts if I choose a profession in biotechnology.”

Teacher George Cachianes:
“Attending the Pantheon is a great opportunity for me to promote our HS biotechnology program. The contacts I have made, and re-made, have led directly to equipment and supply support for our laboratory and opportunities for my students. Bay-Bio is to be congratulated for valuing and supporting the education community with an annual Educator’s Pantheon Award. Every year, the winners of this award are roundly and heartily cheered by the biotechnology industry community.”

Student Iris Wang:
“I thought it was a really inspiring and unforgettable experience to meet accomplished leaders in the life sciences industry. During Pantheon, I learned about many exciting and rewarding career paths in the biotechnology industry.Thank you for taking me to Pantheon! I had a really great time listening to the funny and inspiring speeches and meeting so many brilliant people.”

Teacher Katy Korsmeyer:
“I thought the Pantheon talks were much more inspiring, relevant, and well thought out than in the past. As Iris said, they were funny, caring, motivating and inspiring. I wish we can select some video clips to show teachers and students why people go into the industry, it’s about helping people! I think it would be a great PR boost to biotech and science image.”

On the Program in General 2011-2012

“It was a wonderful opportunity for Rigel scientists to interact with a group of enthusiastic students and share with them our commitment to the role science and mathematics play in solving problems.”
Don Payan
Co-founder, Executive VP and President, Discovery and Research

“I just got the most amazing packet of thank-you notes from the kids at Parkway Middle School. I know that kids don’t spontaneously write these notes…Each note is a little different – but whether funny or serious, detailed or decorated, they made me feel appreciated and happy that I went to Career Day at Parkway Middle School this year. You have a good thing going! The kids are eager, active learners, thinkers and doers. Thanks to BayBio and the San Mateo County Dept of Education for their support of Career Day too. Keep up the good work.”
Susan Bernhard, PhD

“Science education is vitally important to California’s future. Bio-Community.org is going to help us revolutionize the way we deliver science education in South San Francisco. It is a terrific example of an innovative way in which our public school systems and private companies can work together to ensure that California provides its students with the best education available.”
Howard S. Cohen, Ed.D.
Former San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent

“This was such a gratifying opportunity and one that I strongly encourage my peers and colleagues to experience. For those of us within industry, we owe a responsibility to give back to educators and to pay forward to students, who will one day advance the research that we perform today.”
Alex R. Muci, Ph. D.
Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry, Cytokinetics

“Our students will benefit both from the scientific expertise shared by someone who applies science in their everyday work, as well as from the knowledge that a career in science can be theirs.”
Jocelyn Ting
Science Teacher and Science Department Chair, Parkway Heights Middle School, South San Francisco

“Bio-community is essential for teachers at community colleges who want to connect to the industry.”
Laurence Clement, Ph.D.
Industry Liaison, Biotech Lab Assistant Internship Program, City College of San Francisco

“HS Teachers benefit enormously from articulation with the “outside” world. It keeps us up to date and lends real relevance to our classes.”
George Cachianes
Biotechnology Faculty, Abraham Lincoln High School, San Francisco

“Great opportunity to make a connection with local companies and individual scientists”
Laurie Issel-Tarver, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biotechnology, LAB Program Coordinator, Ohlone College, Fremont

“Thank you again for helping to find mentors to help these aspiring science researchers. Bio-Community is an invaluable idea to help connect researchers, educators and industry to high school level students so they can see the opportunities that are available in science.”
Bio-Community.org survey respondent