Distribute Supplies at the Bio-Link Depot Open House (South San Francisco)

Brief Description of Project

The Depot has distributed over $5,000,000 worth of equipment and materials to over 90 schools, positively impacting over 32,000 students each year. The Depot has become a gathering place where teachers meet, pick up equipment and supplies, and also donate their time and ideas. Approximately 300 teachers have benefited from Depot supplies and Equipment distributed through Open Houses. All this is possible only with the help of our volunteers

Brief Description of Needed Volunteer Responsibilities

Consider donating your time as a Bio-Link Depot Open House volunteer. The Depot has 40-50 volunteers who regularly support the Open House events but can always use more. Open House volunteers assist with organizations and setup.

This may include:
– Working the registration or check-out tables
– Moving materials out to the disbursement area
– Helping educators who are new to the depot
– Sorting equipment and supplies
– Re-stocking equipment and supplies
– Clean-up

Contact Daniel Michael

Contact E-Mail: daniel@biolinkdepot.org

Contact Phone: (650) 821-0112