Guest Biotech Career Speakers for City College of SF

  • Provided By: City College of San Francisco
  • Start Time: 4:00 pm
  • End Time: 6:00 pm
  • Ongoing Opportunity
  • Grade Level: College
  • Location:

    San Francisco

Project Type

Guest lecture (your career)

Brief Description of Project

Currently, as part of the City College of San Francisco Biotechnology Program we are offering a lecture/seminar course, BTEC 5. For this course we invite speakers from industry and academic research labs to come and talk about their jobs. The class is basically a seminar class, and we try to get talks that cover a wide range of topics and are of interest to students seeking a job in the biotech or research industry. The student audience is quite varied; some are biotechnology students while some may just have had (or are taking concurrently) general biology and/or chemistry. We also often have a number of advanced high school students. So you will need to structure your talk at a basic level. Students are really interested in the science, but also what types of jobs are available and what skills employers are looking for.

Brief Description of Needed Volunteer Responsibilities

Prepare a layman's talk (approximately 1 hour) highlighting your career path and current position. Give presentation to CCSF class. Class date (times) are: March 16 - May 18 (4pm-6pm) and June 2 - 24 (2pm - 4pm) Answer student questions, and facilitate discussion.

Curriculum Standard(s) this Project Addresses

The guest speakers are from university, government and biotechnology industry positions, representing a small sampling of the spectrum of opportunities in the field of biotechnology. Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course a student will be able to:

• Demonstrate an introductory knowledge of principles of genetics, enzyme function,
• chemical processes, and laboratory techniques used in the biotechnology industry.

• Examine biological concepts and use terminology related to the biotechnology industry.

• Identify and evaluate ethical issues associated with advances in biotechnology discovery.

• Apply and assess knowledge of the biotechnology industry in making educational,
• political, and career choices.

Contact Carin Zimmerman

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