Mentor a City College of SF Biotech Lab Intern (unpaid, for credit CCSF internships)

Project Type

Mentor a student, Provide an internship/work-related experience

Brief Description of Project

Providing a small project that the intern can work on in the time frame allowed (180+ hours in 4 months). Some examples of successful projects include genotyping of a mice or plants; plant transformation; investigation of the cellular localization of a gene product; optimization of growth conditions for yeast/bacteria. Keep records of student's hours worked and objectives completed. Fill out assessments at mid-point & final.

Starting date& duration: Mid-January or September 1st, for 3-4 months (until completion of the 180 hours or more). This start date is flexible.

Brief Description of Needed Volunteer Responsibilities

Give guidance and help to students as they prepare their class assignments; review and approve the work before it is presented. Students are required to take a concurrent course entitled "Internship Support" during their internship. They will have several written and oral assignments; you can help with presentations by providing images (or help in obtaining images) for powerpoint talks or posters, or simply, advice on presentation skills/wording. Students especially need to feel comfortable in presenting their scientific information using scientific language and you can help the interns with advice and correct wording. Note that oral presentations may include an elevator pitch about the internship, a "techniques talk" or a "concepts" talk (e.g. RNAi, virology, stem cells, etc). Written presentation include a scientific poster to be presented at the end-of-semester CCSF BioSymposium.

Contact Ying-Tsu Loh

Contact E-Mail: yloh@ccsf.edu

Contact Phone: 415-920-6145