Community Resources

Arizona State University Ask A Biologist

An educational resource for students preK-12, and their teachers and parents. Anyone is welcome to use Ask A Biologist.

ASCB BioEducate

BioEDUCATE is an open-access web resource covering cell biology education, including cell images, videos, web resources, concept questions, and digitized texts that are freely available for educational uses.

ASCB iBioSeminars

Free, on-demand lectures: Many universities/colleges have limited access to high profile leaders in biological research. Our goal is to add 15-20 seminars per year, of similar quality to outstanding lectures that are currently in this library. Access, through web streaming or download, is completely free-of-charge.


The Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium (BABEC) is a regional network of local science education organizations based in the Northern California Bay Area. BABEC is dedicated to increasing student understanding of key concepts in molecular biology and raising student awareness of applications and careers in biotechnology.

BABEC Biotech Curricula Labs

Hands on biotechnology curricula and labs for all levels of life science, biotechnology and forensics classes.

Be A Mentor, Inc.

Be A Mentor connects caring adults with children and youth who need a little extra help to succeed.

Bio-Link Equipment Depot

The Bio-Link/CCSF Depot connects local California teachers with the science supplies and equipment they need. We specialize in collecting and recycling high caliber biotech research equipment and supplies. As biotech companies restructure, move, or upgrade, they donate to the Depot.

Biotech Partners

Biotech Partners helps youth from populations underrepresented in the sciences navigate the worlds of work, school and life through a biotechnology-focused curriculum, including job training and paid internships, that provides access to well-paid fulfilling careers in bioscience and increases opportunities for higher education.

Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium contains a variety of resources for new and experienced biotechnology educators including more than 30 PowerPoint® presentations to assist with starting and implementing biotechnology programs.

California Academy of Sciences

Standards-based science activities, lesson plans, images, glossaries, & more.